Gamesys Group is testing an improved software

For those of you who don’t know the tech giant, let’s take a look into their portfolio. First, the group is both an operator and a game developer. They’re the ones behind the scenes that make sure you have the best online casino experience. As of now, they manage several brands online both through content and operation. The UK based company is a well-known developer in Europe.

Also, they provide tech service that powers several New Jersey casinos. So, it’s clear that they have a long reach in the industry and many casinos and players depend on their service.Gamesys Group is testing an improved software

Thomaz Borys in the spotlight

Through cutting-edge technology, the company has made a better version of test architecture. Now, this done by moving away from monolith testing to make room for microservices. In essence, this breaks down the project into more manageable pieces. Additionally, they are introducing the QA at an earlier stage. Which gave them a better understanding of potential conflicts. At Gamesys Group, Thomaz Borys is the senior tester leading the way. He is the engineer who creates solutions for problems that may occur during testing.

Furthermore, as a test architect. His duties boil down to give technical support to the Manager’s and their teams. Also, he provides training to test other business functions. Not to mention, he designs an automation framework for testing architecture. In essence, Thomaz works to make sure that the tools and techniques are all up-to-date. So that the games you love to play run smoothly!

Thoughts from Tomasz Borys

To conclude, Borys said, “The approach reduces fears around the changing software applications.” Also, the senior tech had this to say, “If you are passionate, you can push for something that makes life a lot more easier.” And at Gamesys that is exactly what Mr. Borys has done. So big thanks to all the men and women behind the scenes. They are the ones that continue to make our online gaming experience unforgettable.