France’s World Cup Win Marks a Great Day for AC Sportsbooks

France’s World Cup Win Marks a Great Day for AC Sportsbooks. As expected, Sunday’s final game marked a huge success amongst sports bettors. It was also the first major sports event since the reopening of two Atlantic City casinos. And since sports wagering is now legal in the Garden State, both Borgata and Ocean Resorts hurried up, so that they get their sportsbooks ready for the occasion.

Borgata’s even final

France took the trophy, in line with general expectations. Interestingly enough, for the bookies, it did not mean any disaster at all. It was more the constant influx of wagers on Croatia that forced them to adjust their lines. The Croats started in the morning +$200 two-ways and +$340 three-ways. By the start of the game, the lines were down $160 and $300, respectively.France's World Cup Win Marks a Great Day for AC Sportsbooks

The crowd at Borgata, even if not too big, showed loads of enthusiasm. Yet, not everyone seemed to be happy with the addition of sports betting. Indeed, the cheering new crowd caused some tension amongst more traditional horseracing fans. In fact, some saw the new visitors as invaders to their place. “We have to dig in to create a new experience. Before the football season,” confirmed Borgata’s Marketing VC Mike Woodside.

Ocean Resorts opened 9AM

The 65th-minute-goal from Kylian Mbapppe sealed the French victory. It also translated into some nice wins at Ocean Resorts casino. The youngster, 19, got the title for the best young player on the tournament. The final game kicked off at 11 AM local time. Which was, in turn, just two hours after the casino opened. This might be the reason why the place was not packed. Yet, visitors made up for a cheerful atmosphere.

Even so, in both venues, there was a tricky bit to overcome, at least for the newbies to sports wagering. To some, the difference between two-way and three-way wagering was not the clearest. But that was the time people like Nancygail Jones took things into their hands. She is the winner of the most outstanding traffic director at Borgata. As things went, they all did their job exceptionally well. By the time the game started, everyone managed to put their bets on time, and those who wagered on France to win left happier than ever!