Former senator links online gambling with terrorism

All jokes aside, Blanche Lincoln, a former US senator believes gambling is worst than cyber terrorism! Many applaud her attempt to block gambling online, but the truth is, her claims are bogus some say! As a result, she’s now dubbed the Queen of FUD in media, which, stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Although the facts are clear, gambling is a choice. Everybody knows the risk of placing a bet and that the outcomes are uncertain. But, linking online gambling to terrorism is a ridiculous claim some gamblers say. Not to mention, it’s a complete waste of time and taxpayer’s dollars to pursue such attempt.

Yet freedom a speech exists in the US so we thought we’d share this controversial news with you! So that you can make your own mind about it when knowing the fundamentals of her statement.

The source

In a failed effort, the former senator tried to remain relevant in modern times. Her recent claims came from a 2017 FBI Internet Crime Report. Which, provides data on how many victims reported a crime through the internet. In an article from the Financial Times, she wrote the following.

“Financial losses suffered as a result of online gambling surpasses terrorist cybercrimes. It is this clear pattern of targeting the helpless that stands out to me.”

Well, like it or not online gambling is a choice that is now legal and available in the US. Yet the above statement caused lots of waves on social media. In fact, some gamblers were offended after being called helpless since many classify gambling as a form of entertainment. Plus, online casinos have strong responsible gambling standard in place to avoid anyone becoming helpless as Senator Lincoln says. US Supreme Court

The final ruling

In conclusion, Blanche Lincoln’s efforts have finally reached a brick wall. The recent ruling by the US Supreme Court is a final blow to this now dead issue.

The new law allows individual states to legalize online gambling. Which, we credit New Jersey for paving the way forward. It was their push that opened up the doors for each state to allow online gambling and for everyone to have fun online from time to time!