Forbes reveals The Best Hotels in Atlantic City

Atlantic City (AC) is buzzing with entertainment for all ages. Indeed, the city has it all, casinos restaurants, carnivals, events, and so much more. With a town center teeming with activities you can’t visit it all in just a day. So, if you’re planning to have a good time in AC and aren’t sure where to stay, here are some sure bets according to Forbes.

Fist pump on the Jersey shore

Forbes reveals The Best Hotels in Atlantic City

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is just a year old but is arguably the most well-known hotel in the city. In fact, the casino hotel is making a name for itself for the quality of entertainment it offers, and not only on the casino floor. So it’s no surprise it made it to the top of Forbes’ list of the best hotels. But Hard Rock is not the only hotel in the area that offers something special.

The little oasis

While it doesn’t have the shine of the steel pier, Tropicana is like a little resort on the boardwalk. If you didn’t know, the hotel is like a small Havana. The decorations include cobblestone pathways, palm trees, and a stucco facade.

Spread out across the four towers of the buildings there are 2,400 rooms in total and an IMAX theatre, making it one of the largest in AC. The Havana Tower is the most recent face lift to the property. And is the go-to spot for many visitors, Forbes revealed as it takes the second spot on the list. Plus, you can also get lost in the vast amounts of restaurants options.

A port-side view

Ocean Casino Resort has proven that the long renovation it has undergone have paid off as it takes the third spot on Forbes’ list. In essence, the hotel focuses less on gambling and more on luxury. Every room has an ocean view. So it lives up to its name.

What’s more, the resort sits at the end of the boardwalk and owns a part of the beach that only the hotel guests can use. So as you can see, AC caters for all needs, whether you want to party, relax or indulge in luxury. The choice is yours.