First Online slot winners at the Borgata in October

As usual, every week people win big money on the slots at Borgata Casino! This week is no different than the rest! And like always, every week we reveal the lucky players so that you can see how serious it gets over at the Borgata online casino. So with that said, let’s skip the small talk and get into the action!First Online slot winners at the Borgata in October

Snowflakes in October

Coming in first place on the slots this week is Joan from Boonton, New Jersey! On October 2nd, she placed a $12 bet on the Snowflakes slot game and won a jaw-dropping $9,992! Way to go Joan! You’re Borgata’s online slot winner of the week!

Dead or Alive

Next up, we have Rachael from Warren, New Jersey. On September 30th, this lucky player placed a $1.80 bet on the Dead or Alive slot game and took home $7,231.80! Congratulations Rachael, she bet low and won big! Dead or Alive, you say? Oh, Rachael is very much alive after that big win!

Dancing Drums

Finally, coming in 3rd place, we have Rafael hailing from Bedminster, New Jersey. This lucky gentleman put up a bold $5.28 bet on the Dancing Drums slot game on October 1st. As a result of his courageous bet, Rafael took him $3,000! So hats off to you sir, nice way to start the month!

Next week’s report could feature you

So as you can see, it all goes down at the Borgata. So be there or be scared! Either way, we’ll be back next week with a brand new report! Who knows? If you’re lucky enough, next week’s article could feature you! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Borgata’s online casino and take a shot on the slots or test your skills on the poker tables! We can’t guarantee you that you’ll win it all, but we can promise you that you’ll have a good time! With that said, good luck and have fun!