Finally, spring has arrived, and Easter is in just a few weeks!

Finally, spring has arrived, and Easter is in just a few weeks! Want to know which games to play to fit with the season? Here are a few slots that will delivers sweet winnings and won’t give you hay fever!

The Legend of Shangri-la!

Nothing smells more like spring then blossoming cherry trees wouldn’t you say? Well, in The Legend of Shangri-la you’ll see so many, that you’ll almost smell them! Indeed, the game’s action takes place in a utopic world filled with magic and blossoming cherry trees. All and all, The Legend of Shangri-la has excellent game features. Plus, it’s a cluster-pay slot so you’ll win frequently! Not to mention, that the max win of 200,000 coins will take you straight to heaven. Just in time to treat yourself for Easter, if we may say.

Candy Bars

If you got a sweet tooth like us, just seeing the word Easters makes us dream of chocolate! Luckily, IGT has the remedy that will calm your cravings. Indeed, when it comes to chocolate, no other games will deliver more than Candy Bars. Not to mention that the winnings are pretty sweet too since the game has three local jackpots. Additionally, players will have the chance to trigger multipliers directly on the reels! Ho, and BTW, this sweet treat is available in the lobby of The Golden Nugget casino.Finally, spring has arrived, and Easter is in just a few weeks!

Jack and The Beanstalk

Of course, when we think of spring, we think about gardening! And, the first game that comes to mind is Jack and the Beanstalk. You know, its the famous fairytale of the boy that planted a magical bean and harvested riches in the sky. Well, if you like the story as a child. There’s a good chance you’ll love the slot too. Its loaded with bonus features and the max win is set at 600,000 coins. How sweet is that?

Try these games with a bonus

Remember! It’s always sweeter to enjoy spring with freebies! Thankfully our team got several exclusive free money bonuses for our readers. So, make sure to grab one on your way out!