February the hottest month yet for the iGaming Industry in NJ

February the hottest month yet for the iGaming Industry in NJ. It’s fresh and hot off the press! Indeed, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) just released the hottest numbers in the history of the iGaming Industry in NJ. Indeed, even if February is the shortest month of the year, it seems it had no impact on the online revenues. What’s more is that no one would have predicted the massive revenue jump! Especially when looking at 2017 end of year data.

February not only established an all-time high but a growing trend too. Granted that the lousy weather we had in AC may have pushed offline players online. But it could also be that online casinos are just getting better at attracting more players. And naturally, players are migrating online when its cold outside. But anyway, let’s look at the figures into closer details.online casino nj

February 2018 New Jersey figures.

In it’s recently published report the NJDGE announced the iGaming took $21.99 million last February. It’s a near miss for a change of digit! But it’s still trending positively as its a 0.1% MOM increase. Indeed, if you remember last January figures exceeded the 21 million mark for the first time. ( The exact reported gaming revenue was $21.96 million.)

2018 looks even better!

As you know, the last quarters of 2017 have been trending at around $20 million in gaming revenue. Which was then extremely promising. But what looks even more encouraging is that February had a 17.5% YOY Jump. Compared to the offline casinos who have seen a decrease of 10.6% for the same month. Granted that much if the trend is due to seasonality. Which of course, affects both sectors of the industry in different ways. But all and all, things still look promising for the NJ online casino industry. And we hope to soon report on a new financial milestone.