FanDuel’s agreement with Denver Broncos sets the standard

It was not long ago we reported on the first NFL team partnering up with a sportsbook and Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator. Unlocking exclusive content and official use of Broncos club material in different promotional and campaign use. In fact, the deal would allow FanDuel to use the new content in its DFS markets. But also on its rapidly expanding sports betting operations. And it all got on its way by the relentless pursuit from, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy. Where he fought and succeeded with some help to overturn the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). And all of a sudden, the crowds and lawmakers changed there stands on the subject.FanDuel’s agreement with Denver Broncos sets the standard

The last years in quick recap

We are not here to bog you down with heavy and legal discussions. Instead, here is a broad-strokes picture in the developments in the last years. With the milestone events, starting with the ruling of making sports betting a state affair. That followed by the massive deal of Caesars Entertainment and NFL as a whole. Still, the most significant nominator to the evolution was the decision to allow NFL teams to partner up with individual sportsbook operators. Which, as we now know, led to the FanDuel and Denver Broncos partnership. Though as this is the first of its kind, it’s telling us that more teams and operators will look to the unique cooperation and take notes. So what could other NFL team fans expect going forward?

It all begins with FanDuel

We are sure that sportsbook operators are scrambling these days to find an in, to the lucrative NFL market. However, during the current climate, new deals could drag out in time. Yet, according to reliable sources, the NFL kick-off is still on schedule and set to September. And we could and should expect some more deals and partnership form until then. But, as of now, all the involved parties hold their cards close to the vest. All in all, the 2020 NFL season has something exciting in store for its fans. And this especially if you like to combine the football action with some side bets on your favorite teams. So stay tuned as we will continuously report on all the upcoming NFL teams and sportsbook joint ventures.