FanDuel Steels the spotlight, again

It’s undeniable, the sports betting scene and the daily fantasy sport (DFS) arena is always evolving. And one of the key players that contribute towards the industry changes is FanDuel.

In fact, in recent weeks the company made the headlines twice with new deals. The first time it was after the Colts of Indianapolis deal. And the second one is with the Pittsburgh Steelers which means that FanDuel is increasing its visibility with NFL fans across the nation.

To sum up, the recent deal with the professional American football teams gives FanDuel access, for 1 season, to the scoreboard and exclusive game footage etc. Plus, the operator will also get marketing material which it can use on various channels. This way, more players will get to know FanDuel. But more importantly, it gives them more opportunity to reward their loyal players. And that’s something everyone likes to hear, right?fan duel sportsbook

FanDuel on a Mission to entertain

Without a doubt, folks across America are getting more and more familiar with the DFS operators as more States regulate the sports betting industry. And according to FanDuel, this is certainly not the only deal of this genre they’ll ink as the market expands.

Indeed, in recent news, Matt King, FanDuel’s CEO, hinted that the company is looking to “meaningfully grow”. And inevitably, engaging sports fans by giving them new ways to win branded NFL “merch” of their local and favourite team is a meaningful strategy that works.

But King later admitted that there’s more to this deal than just winning market shares and said. “We truly admire the historical franchise the Steelers have built, and Pittsburgh is an incredible sports town.”
So as the Steelers win the heart of FanDuel, one can wonder if Steelers fans will fall in love with the brand and product. Well, time will tell.