FanDuel Sportsbook Accelerating Growth for Parent Company Betfair

FanDuel Sportsbook Accelerating Growth for Parent Company BetfairWith the successful launch of online sports betting last year, sportsbooks are now boosting recognition for online casino operators. So it comes as no surprise to hear that Betfair’s FanDuel is speeding up the growth for its parent company in New Jersey. With this in mind, it just goes to show how beneficial it is to bring online casino sites and sportsbooks together under one umbrella.

The Logical Explanation

The truth is rather quite simple; FanDuel has a long-standing reputation in the US. Meanwhile, its parent company Betfair is a giant across Europe. From that perspective, it’s clear to see how this all happened. For most folks in the US, they’ve never heard of Betfair until it went live in New Jersey with its online casino offering. Even then, Betfair didn’t gain extreme popularity until acquiring FanDuel in May 2018.

Now, Betfair is receiving the same attention that FanDual enjoys in the Garden State. Taking those facts into consideration, it explains how FanDuel can accelerate growth for Betfair by more than 15%. Plus, Betfair’s gaming revenue continues to soar. In fact, it raised 31% YOY in 2018 to $34 Million. Not to mention, most of that growth happened in the second half of the year after the legalization of sports gambling.

More to Come

So far this year, 28% of Betfair’s NJ revenue has come from existing FanDuel customers. Since then, Betfair has responded to its newest fans. In Q4 2018 they launched 14 new games. And then again in Q1 2019, they released another 20, plus two live dealer tables.

In total, Betfair now offers over 400+ of the hottest online casino games in the industry. Now the operator is planning to embed gaming content into FanDuel itself. In other words, this means Betfair game tabs will soon sit next to sports tabs at the top of the FanDuel app. All in all, this proves that the integration between online casino and sportsbooks is rewarding for operators and players alike. And surely the fact that players can use the same credentials to login on FanDuel and Betfair helped the brand too.