FanDuel sports betting service suffers a technical issues

After the earlier shutdown of all sports across the world, it has come back bigger than ever. Indeed, when college football returned, betting on the games took a giant leap despite sports, such as baseball, keeping the industry going in summer.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, 10th October, FanDuel suffered a glitch with live scoring despite having many games on the cards. And this meant that wagering on sport wasn’t that easy. Clearly, live scoring is a significant part of tracking your bet or choosing where to place a bet on live and in-play markets. So, without live scoring, FanDuel and its patrons could lose a lot of profit.FanDuel sports betting service suffers a technical issues

Asking for patience

The company released a tweet on Saturday to tell its patron of the issue. They put out a statement saying, “Our team is aware that live scoring for the CFB Slates is currently delayed.” They went on to say they’re working on the issue. And they hope to update scores as soon as possible.

At the time, they said that they should be restoring their service by Monday. Moreover, they said they would give bettors credit as “loss back,” which they will put straight into players’ accounts.

After this, FanDuel thanked players for their patience and promised to credit a 50% net loss back, where the net loss was over $10 to a maximum of $100. What’s more, any user they don’t give credit to will get a voucher to the Sunday Million. And that seemed pretty far.

Ongoing Problems

However, they didn’t manage to solve the issue by Monday. Hence, FanDuel said that they would continue to work as hard as possible to solve the problem. They also said that they would update players as soon as they had further news.

This is a huge problem for FanDuel. It has already been a tough year, and upset patrons could look elsewhere. After all, they’re many online sportsbooks in New Jersey like Golden Nugget, Ocean Casino resort, and Hard Rock. In a competitive market, punters demand the best. But also transparency, which is a core value of FanDuel despite the hiccups.