FanDuel sports betting punter turns $11 into $20,719

On November 13th, there was a big celebration down in FanDuel’s office. And this after a FanDuel account patron won a parlay bet, so insane that folks had to get some proves to believe it.

The parlay bets in question was a hard one to predict since it covered 3 sports, NBA, NFL and NCAAB. And as you probably guessed by the payout an anonymous players won. The wager on 8 teams didn’t include all favourites either. In fact, the 8-leg-multi-sport parlay bet predicted that a few underdogs would win their matches.

But it also included a few risky bets, like the last one which predicted that the Seattle Seahawks would defeat the San Francisco 49ers.FanDuel sports betting punter turns $11 into $20,719

The nail-biting moment

To sum up, the winning parlay predicted that all teams (Timberwolves, Celtics, Grizzlies, Rockets, Clippers, Jazz, Winthrop, and Seahawks) would win their game.

But after the first quarter, things didn’t look too good for the Seattle Seahawks as they were behind 10-0. But thankfully the team capitalized on 3 turnovers by Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco’s QB). And in the end, Jason Myers field goal in overtime enable the better in question to cash out big. And from a relatively small wager too.

Indeed, it’s not every day that someone wins close to 2,000x their stake as a results of a sportsbook bet. But as you can see, anything can happen. And so close to Christmas everyone’s ready to bet that this punter’s win will be handy too.

Get more on FanDuel

There’s a lot of things happening on FanDuel nowadays. And some of the top trending bets are on the upcoming NFL draft odds.

Indeed, a lot of folks in the garden states are wondering if Joe Burrow or Chase Young will be picked first in the 2020 draft. And some are even willing to put money in to back their favourites too. So, you think you know who it’ll be? Then, put your money where your mouth is and visit FanDuel’s to place your bets. Who knows it could be a lucky one.