FanDuel seek outside help for the upcoming NFL season

The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) giant, FanDuel recently revealed its agency pick for the upcoming NFL season and its brand strategy. And the winner is Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH).

Indeed, the agency won the contract after a competitive two-part review by FanDuel.

Mike Raffensperger, CMO of FanDuel, hinted to the press that after many conversations, BBH was just exciting and well compatible. Even though he didn’t say which other companies took part, we know that there were 11 from the start. But in the end, there was only one that made the final cut.

International experience

fanduel FanDuel seek outside help for the upcoming NFL seasonAll and all, Raffensperger said that BBH impressed FanDuel a lot when they pitched. And this had much to do with the fact they had previous experience with other sports betting companies, but outside of the US.

In essence, FanDuel believes that their experience will give them the knowledge needed for the task at hand. And BBH will be the lead agency on FanDuel’s upcoming NFL campaigns. Their goal is to achieve success by working on different ways of communicating. But also in finding a unique and yet creative approach that speaks to DFS players.

In the long run, BBH will be in charge of planning. They’ll also come up with a successful strategy for the brand. “There is still a large amount of growth and opportunity for the fantasy sports business,” the CMO said.


To sum up, BBH and its 85 staff, will work with FanDuel’s marketing team on the upcoming NFL project. Currently, the team is working on everything from media planning to design for the brand. However, Raffensperger made it clear that they were not looking for an exclusive single Agency that will accomplish and take care of everything they need.

Plus, he stated that they have a pretty robust capability already, particularly for most of their digital creations. But BBH will lead the future of the brand. And consequently, they’re now FanDuel’s primary creative partner.