FanDuel Returns Money After Blues Loose Game 3 to San Jose

By all means, it’s been one surprising week for St. Louis Blues fans. Not only did they crush the Sharks in Game Six 5-1 to win the series, but they’re also advancing to Boston to take on the Bruins. At the same time, it has been one surprising week for FanDuel customers in New Jersey who put their money on the Blues to win. Even in Game 3 when St. Louis got shutout by a sloppy hand pass that led the Sharks to a game-winning goal.

Let’s Be Honest

For starters, there’s a good reason why people choose FanDuel as their number one go-to sportsbook in NJ to place their bets. As we all know, referees don’t always call it how it is. But, luckily, FanDuel knows this all too well. In addition to that, they know exactly how it feels to lose your money after a bad call. Unfortunately, the Blues will never get that game back, even though they won the series 4-2. However, the same isn’t true for FanDuel customers. That’s right; the New Jersey sportsbook is refunding anyone who bet on Game 3 their money back after that terrible missed call.

FanDuel Returns Money After Blues Loose Game 3 to San JoseBad Beat Refund

According to FanDuel, “Due to the controversial nature of San Jose’s win in overtime, we’re refunding all St. Louis bets from the game.” Sure, it was a bad beat for the Blues and their fans, but at least FanDuel customers didn’t feel so much heat. Also, these types of refunds seem to be a lot more common these days. Either way, customers totally love the goodwill gesture. At the same time, the free publicity probably pays for itself. At the end of the day, Game 3 was a win-win for everybody, thanks to FanDuels generosity and understanding.