FanDuel Partner with Vontae Davis for an ad!

In a recent ad campaign, FanDuel (a Betfair company) received a boost from the former Buffalo Bills athlete, Vontae Davis. In fact, the 30-seconds video is quite catchy indeed, and even the ad name, “Walk Away,” makes you scratch your head.

FanDuel Partner with Vontae Davis for an ad!After all, what do they mean by Walk Away? Walk Away from what? Now that the question is asked, it kind of makes you wonder what it’s all about doesn’t it? Well, wonder no longer, we have all the details right here!

Camera, Lights, Action

What an original campaign! Not only does the name throw you off, but the video does too. However, right before it ends, it all comes together and makes sense! For about three-quarters of the ad, Vontae Davis makes it seems as if he’s walking away from football forever. Although he did retire by removing himself from the 2nd game of the 2018 season, this is not what the ad is about!

So, the ad makes you wonder where FanDuel is going with this! And then at 0:22 in the video, Vontae’s serious, sad face turned into a big grin and then a smile! At which point, he says, “So that’s why I did it, that’s why I walked away, from my Fantasy League!”

The Offer

In conclusion, the ad means that you can now redeem your season and pick a different team! Yes, you can straight up Walk Away from your prediction. In fact, it’s now OK to quit your team and build a better one!

Plus, if you’re new to the game, you’ll get to play for free until you win! Which, is awesome if you’re in New Jersey where DFS betting for real money is legal. The truth is, it really spices up the game! So, why wait? Go check out FanDuel’s website and remember, you’ll play for free if you’re new to DFS! Have fun!