FanDuel Now Offers Live Odds Next to Streaming Broadcasts

The FanDuel Group (FDG) announced last Tuesday that they’d extended their partnership with Sportradar AG. As a result, the sports betting giant will become the first US sportsbook to offer live odds alongside streaming broadcasts. Sadly, the new feature will only be available to some mid-level tennis matches and selected European soccer games. Luckily, this will only be during the opening rollout phase. So we’ll have to wait and see how far this actually goes.

FanDuel Now Offers Live Odds Next to Streaming BroadcastsAnother Step in the Right Direction

After a strong test run during January’s Australian Open, FanDuel Group decided to proceed with the launch of the new Live Odds feature. During the testing phase, the sportsbook tracked tons of data that showed key differences between customer engagement across all platforms. At this point, it’s pretty clear that they enjoyed the results. If not, then this deal wouldn’t have much room for growth, but that’s just not the case here.

During the two-week tournament, roughly 70% of FDG’s customers placing bets on the Open also viewed the live stream. Which, proves that this deal with Sportradar is the kind of agreement that players will enjoy and can benefit from. In terms of making financial sense, FDG’s GM Niall Connell said that from an economic view, this deal would basically pay for itself in the long run.

A Possible Trend Setter

All in all, Connell believes that the customer’s reaction to the new feature will be overwhelmingly positive. From a broader aspect, the company’s also interested in observing the industry’s reaction. However, it’s all about the player’s satisfaction. Which, FDG believes the new feature adds much value to the sports that are less popular to American consumers. As Connell said, “It just makes the overall product and experience much more engaging for players.” So as you can see, they’re pretty confident that this will become a grand slam for both the customer and company.