FanDuel makes eSports history

It didn’t take long for FanDuel to show its colours. In fact, days after the legalization of eSports wager for retail casinos. The bookmaker and daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator announce it would accept eSports wagers. And FanDuel became the first company to take bets on eSports in New Jersey.

The Worlds Championship tournament in question took place in Paris. And the event was on the popular game League of Legends. Now, since it was the first time that eSports bets were accepted in the Garden State, the betting options were quite limited. But Fanduel still gave those who follow the league the option to predict the winner. And in an unprecedented match, Funplus Phoenix defeated G2 Esports 3 to 0.

FanDuel makes eSports history

Not just in New Jersey

As you know, FanDuel is one of the biggest bookmakers in the states. Indeed, the company operates in several markets outside of New Jersey. And lucky PA, WV and in players too could bet on the league of legend tournament on their smartphones.

But FanDuel will also enable eSports wager in other states soon as the regulation changes. Many experts predict that the eSports product vertical will be the next big thing. And could generate as much as $12.9 billion in wager globally by 2020.

So it’s no surprise to see that FanDuel was quick to embrace the legislation changes. After all, the cross over between eSports and DFS is evident for some. And being the first to offer odds on eSports actually enable the operator to create a relationship with its punters early.

Integrity is key

All and all, the projected figures for the eSports verticals are impressive. But they’re many factors to take into account besides the accessibility of wagers on the go. Indeed, according to Jeff Liboon, president of an eSports production company. Maintaining the integrity of the game and players is paramount to reach “such a high level of success”. And at the moment many legislations are still temporary. So, it could actually take a bit of time for the product vertical to get the hype it deserves.