FanDuel make good use of its new agency

It was not long ago that FanDuel hired the agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) as their primary creative partner for the upcoming NFL season. And by the look of the commercials produced, it was a wise decision and money well spent too.

Indeed, the two ads promoting FanDuel’s comprehensive offering and product flexibility are both smart and funny. Which shows that Mike Raffensperger, FanDuel’s CMO, had clear communications with BBH on what the brand is about.

Two commercials two messages

fan duel FanDuel make good use of its new agencyWe don’t want to spoil the ads if you haven’t seen them. But they’re amusing and demonstrate how small daily hassles provide winning opportunities.

As you know, FanDuel offers more ways to win with its products, and Gerard Caputo, the chief creative officer of BBH, focused on this to promote the brand.

“Everywhere you look, there is intense competition in life. But most times, it feels like these situations offer you only one way to win.” And he also added that the “More Way’s campaign” demonstrate how FanDuel capitalise on this concept to offer more value to their account patron.

And let’s not forget that the ads also put account patron on centre stage too. In fact, instead of using celebrities or pro athletes. FanDuel opted to used real fans in their new campaign. And this further demonstrates that everyone stands an equal chance of winning, pro or amateur.

Only the first of many

After seeing the first two spots that highlight the upcoming sports season, it’s evident that FanDuel was right to use BBH has a lead creative agency. And surely this is only the beginning of new TV ads for the dynamic duo.

After all the NFL seasons provide unique betting opportunities, and FanDuel will undoubtedly seek to get a more significant market share as it focuses on fan duel sportsbook FanDuel make good use of its new agencyexpansion nowadays.

So let’s see what the pair will dream up next to promote Daily fantasy sports.