FanDuel looking for the right people to grow

As one of the leading DFS in New Jersey, FanDuel is always on the lookout for talented people to join the company’s ranks. A prove of this is the new president role that Amy Howe is stepping into. According to the press release, Matt King, FanDuel’s CEO, said that folks of Amy’s caliber are rarely available. Hence, he’s exceptionally happy to welcome her on-board. Without a doubt, the main reason why FanDuel jumped at the opportunity to work with Amy Howe is her track record. As the ex-President and CEO of Ticketmaster, she left her mark on the “digital and retail business,” as King said. Indeed, few people can claim to have increased a site’s mobile app “install base” by 400%. Yet, Amy Howe is one of them. So, it’s no wonder they were quick to bring her in.FanDuel looking for the right people to grow

Even more, things brewing in FanDuel’s office and parent company Flutter

Did you know that earlier in March, Flutter shares were trading lower at 14,785.00 pence per share? However, yesterday (March 22nd), “Flutter’s stock price was up nearly 6%,” according to Forbes. And this has a rumor of an initial public offering deal for FanDuel emerged. While the company has yet to make any formal announcement, the word on the street is that the DFS might be considering “strategic options” for its American business. As we understand, if FanDuel were to go public, Flutter would still have the largest stake. So they can continue expanding as they want. Sure, the recruitment of Amy Howe as President has nothing to do with the current rumors. It’s worth remembering that Matt King was never shy of his intention to become the market leader. So, this might be the next step for them to capitalize on “a period of enormous growth,” as he said.