FanDuel goes live with the PGA Tour

In around mid-2020, or more precisely in August FanDuel landed the prestigious contract as the official betting operator of the PGA Tour. Basically, allowing the popular U.S operator not only to utilize associated PGA marketing material. But perhaps, more importantly, use pre and post-game videos. Essentially meaning that FanDuel can post highlights of the happenings, but also on what to come. Yet, there are some small limitations to the distribution. Still, all hurdles are in the hands of the operator, and not at the end-users end. As such, if golf is your jam, and you are already a customer at the broadly used sports betting platform, your day just got a whole lot better. And the best part is that all you need to do is continue to use the operator as your golf betting partner.FanDuel goes live with the PGA Tour

Place a bet and you get access

Indeed, all you need to do is continue placing all your golf bets via FanDuel’s platform to get access to all the golf data. This includes the highlights of the Tour. In addition to pre-game betting programming that can add to your overall strategy pattern. Where the FanDuel Group commented on the fact by adding such things as. “We’re taking the FanDuel Sportsbook app experience beyond just placing a bet”. In layman’s terms, it simply means that you, as a customer, get a broader experience. That stretches beyond just placing a bet. And you can also follow what led up to the outcome and so forth. And all this in real-time but also as mentioned via post-highlights. So, what does this mean for the platform’s future that has its origin in daily fantasy sports or DFS as it’s more commonly known as?

The start of something big

Important to take note of is that this is only the first step into a similar agreement. In fact, FanDuel said that. “We start by delivering golf content, with the opportunity to expand into other sports”. Plus if the organization plays their cards right we as the end-user could look forward to so much more sports coming our way, and this in a similar format. And with risking sounding like a cliche, the sky is truly the limit here. Although, as of now, let’s wish FanDuel and the PGA Tour good luck as they optimize the combined product.