FanDuel and DraftKings face new lawsuit over alleged false advertising

FanDuel and DraftKings face new lawsuit over alleged false advertisingControversy fills media nowadays, and everybody knows this. But, the media buzz we’re experiencing means that we’re overloaded with information. And important matters or matters of the past, in this case, flies under the radar. Or some company would hope so, one might think after reading this news.

While both FanDuel and DraftKings have exceptional track records for transparency and fair play since obtaining their NJ licenses last year. They’ve not always been straight up with their players it seems. And a group of past customers are using the media to highlight false advertising done by both brands in 2015. Now, of course, the allegations below are no longer accurate since NJ’s market is regulated. But it goes to show the importance the DGE plays in protecting its players.

Using their media to gather testimony

The people behind the lawsuit put up a webpage and think they have a good claim too. Their goal is to find people who have lost money on either site and to compile records to prove their point. And their point is that both brands were aware that only a minority of players won anything on their sites. But yet said that “regular fans could win money”.

The past judgement revealed that both brands infringed on the Troxel Law. Because they knew that only 0.01% of the users won. And they were professional punters who used the software. And that both brands were aware of. In fact, a past lawsuit proved that both organisations were guilty. And the companies had to pay New York a staggering $6 Million after the judge’s hammer when done on a false advertising verdict. Yet, the end users who have lost the cash didn’t get anything.

Avoiding mistakes of the past

Now wither the allegation made by the group are true or not, that’s beside the point. You have to remember that back then, both Fanduel Sportsbook and Draft Kings were in a grey zone anyways. And nowadays there’s a clear distinction on what’s right and acceptable and what’s not. But hopefully, in this case, the brands will give some money back to the players. At least to keep their names out of the press. If not, the group hopes an application of the Troxel Law could change that.