FanDuel and AGA have a game plan

Now that Sportsbook is legal in 25 states. And 17 more could jump on the online gambling trend that New Jersey pioneered. It’s time for the American Gaming Association (AGA) to recruit new partners that’ll share their responsible gambling effort. The first mobile operator to answer AGA’s call is none other than FanDuel. In fact, not only did the DFS recently pledge to commit millions to responsible play. But they’re also keen to work with teams and media to raise awareness about the “Have A Game Plan Bet Responsibly” message AGA created in 2019.

According to Matt King, FanDuel’s CEO, the company endorsement to the cause has never been this strong. Indeed, as their business expands, they’re encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. In the end, responsible gaming is a vital part of any company’s sustainable growth. And FanDuel knows this and hopes other operators will join them too.FanDuel and AGA have a game plan

Educating patrons and fans a top priority for many

While Matt King’s endorsement of the responsible gaming initiative may resonate the loudest in the online gambling scene, it’s worth noting that King and FanDuel are not the only ones to back AGA. Indeed, before the DFS joined the effort, other companies with gambling and sports ties signalized their intention too. Notably, NASCAR, the PGA TOUR, and the NHL want to educate fans about the importance of knowing when to stop when the fun stops.

What’s more, across the ocean, FanDuel’s holding company Flutter Entertainment also wants to double its efforts in educating its international patrons base in safer-gambling. Then there’s the Kindred group (owner of Unibet in New Jersey) who wants its database to include zero problem gamblers by 2023. So they might make a similar commitment with AGA. But, they’ve not gone public with a confirmation yet.

47 million to bet on March Madness

As AGA recently hinted, the sports betting scene has changed a lot since it began in 2019. A good example of this is the growing number of fans who feel more comfortable wagering online or on the go. This year, around 47 million Americans will bet on the March Madness tournaments. But how many will do it responsibly? Hopefully, more than the last year as AGA’s messaging resonates louder across the states.