Experts say Atlantic City will become the Vegas of the East and here’s why!

Experts say Atlantic City will become the Vegas of the East and here’s why! With only three weeks remaining until the NFL’s opening day kickoff, all bets are on! Currently, there are four casinos in Atlantic City taking in bets including the recently opened Harrah’s where Elvis and Sinatra place their first bet last week in the opening ceremony. So, you can head over to Harrah’s, Ocean Resort, Borgata’s or Bally’s Casino in AC to cash in on your favorite teams! And with that said, you can only imagine the energy coming to town!

The east coast is all about professional sports. In the region, you have the Knicks, Nets, Islanders, Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets. Also, we can’t count out Philadelphia! They have the 76ers, Phillies, Flyers, and of course the defending Super Bowl Champions! That’s right, The Eagles. Which, will open up the game day kickoff against the Atlanta Falcons on September 6th.harrahs

What it’s worth to New Jersey

First, let’s be honest, Las Vegas is an amazing city, but in reality, it’s way too far for most East-coasters to travel to. A road trip from AC to LV is approximately 2,500 miles, that’s a 3-day drive! And flights are too expensive these days. The fact is, Vegas is a West Coast destination, only 6 hours away from Los Angeles, California. Meanwhile, the tri-state region including Philadelphia has more than 20 million residents. Not to mention, Boston, Baltimore, Richmond, and DC are all a short drive away from Boom town Atlantic City.

The people are coming, and New Jersey is welcoming them with open arms. You can bet your last dollar that by this time next year, AC will become the Vegas of the East, as experts predict!

Why football will set the new bar for sports betting in New Jersey

As mentioned above, East Coasters are all about their professional sports teams. Nobody in the world can deny that. And on top of that, everybody knows that betting on football is where the top dollars are at. Looking at Nevada again, they take in over $3 billion a year in sports bets, and half of that is bets placed on football.

This should give you a glimpse into what is about to unfold in New Jersey and how much the industry is worth. Another fact, sportsbooks in Nevada took in a record-smashing $138 million on the Super Bowl. So, let those number sink in as kickoff is a few weeks away. Now, are you ready for some football and sports bets? If so, head out to the new East coast Vegas, there’s lot of fun waiting for you!