eSports tournament coming to Atlantic City in September

UGC eSports tournament coming to Atlantic City in SeptemberGreat news, another eSports tournament will take place in Atlantic City. The Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) announced that the Halo Classic will take place at Bally’s, Atlantic City from September 6th to 8th.

The companies behind the UGC tournament are Caesars Entertainment and INGAME ESPORTS. You may have heard the name INGAME ESPORTS before. Indeed, they co-sponsored the opening event at the eSports Travel Summit two weeks ago. This is also the third event that INGAME either co-organized or co-sponsors. And this is possible because of their partnership with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).

A rising genre

Atlantic City has, in recent years, become a top location for eSport events. For instance, in April, the 10th annual Collegiate StarLeague Finals was hosted at the Boardwalk Hall in AC. And the AC branch of Caesars held the cities first significant eSports championship in 2017 “Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open.”

But, the upcoming Halo Classic will be the first time that INGAME and CRDA sponsors an event that isn’t in the Boardwalk Hall. What’s more, according to UGCs’ website the Halo classic is the most famous Halo tournament. Old school and newcomers alike now have a chance to compete on the big stage at a very high level. The four vs. four tournaments will take place in Halo 3 and will have a double-elimination bracket. Plus, the $50,000 prize pool will give the players enough motivation to perform at their best.

New beginnings

All in all, the event will bring some of the largest crowds the Halo eSports scene has ever had. This growth in popularity can almost certainly be to recent announcements about the series. All the games will soon be available on pc and not only on Xbox. This brings new blood into the series, which gives it a well-needed boost. Plus, if this event goes well, it might be the future Bally desperately need. As it’s known that the casino is at risk of closing down. But maybe it has a future in eSports, who knows?