Esports head to AC as the Convention Center gets new data hub

Legalized sports betting is the biggest single news for the gaming industry. Yet, some companies already look further, and they search for new markets and opportunities. One of them is esports, which is attracting crowds worldwide.

And Continent 8 is one of those who sees the chance to bring a new product to town. Indeed, the company announced it will build a data center. By that, they bring the technology necessary to bring esports to Atlantic city.Esports head to AC as the Convention Center gets new data hub

Esports and more

The British network solutions provider is yet to announce the project officially. But the construction should start this fall, and be ready and operational in less than six months. It also means that next summer could bring a new kind of event to the South Shore.

In essence, the company will invest more than $5 million in an independent data-center for the Convention Center downtown. Thus, it will have the infrastructure necessary for turning it into a new esports hub. After the upgrade, the venue can hold monster events like the ones in southern California, or Las Vegas. And these events mean millions of dollars of revenues from an entirely new sector.

Sky is the limit

But the network solution will serve any other potential clients, too.

“The new center is a part of an infrastructure, that does not exist yet,” said company rep Barbara DeMarco.

All and all, the investment will supply technology, infrastructure, security, power, and bandwidth. And in the future, these will be the crucial factors for any technology businesses. “Once Continent 8 is in place, the sky is the limit,” she added.

And she is quite right. The company is the only tech provider licensed in the Garden State to supply data-center and network services to online gaming companies. Past sports betting, esports is knocking heavily on the doors. But remember, it is not only the gamers coming to compete. They bring large spectator crowds with them, and they like to bet in casinos too!