Dynamic sportsbook are coming to New Jersey

In recent news, we’ve learned that Scientific Games is once again improving the players experience. Indeed, the company plans to deliver an all-new player first engagement tool to its sportsbook. And at the same time bring dynamics to their network.

In essence, SG Digital (SGD) will be delivering the new score product, Match HQ. But what does that mean? Well, Match HQ will offer a wide range of scoreboard cards tailor-made for each game for US and European markets. The ones to thank for this incredible new program are SGD’s innovation studio Red7. And so, going forward, sportsbook clients will have more in-depth data. The comprehensive data comes in the form of a scoreboard widget that relay match info in real-time. And so, it will allow for more player engagement with play-by-play animations, but also commentary and in-play team statistics which will essentially help punters to place informed bets.

Continued growthDynamic sportsbook are coming to New Jersey

When announcing the news, Scientific Games described Match HQ as a huge improvement to their OpenSports platform. If you didn’t know, OpenSports and its sub division focuses mostly on increasing audience interaction across multiple channels.

SGD later said that the launch would expand what the Red7 studio has to offer. In essence, the studio is already well-known for its innovations in previously established betting markets. But, they believe that Match HQ will also work and fit in perfectly with the emerging US sports market as well.

The first of many

Keith O’Loughlin, SVP of Sportsbook for SGD, said.

“We’re ramping up our US sports betting presence with the launch of Match HQ under the OpenSports umbrella, and this is a big win. More importantly, we’re shaping the betting experience to be seamless and intuitive for the end-user. When punters have this information at their fingertips, it makes for a better experience, plain and simple.”

Did you know, Match HQ scoreboards are already live with Caesars Entertainment who have been early adopters of this new tech. But many other operators are expected to follow soon. So stay tuned to know who’ll be next to integrate this pioneering technology in New Jersey.