Drop a dime, don’t get slimed! Ghostbusters is back but in 4D!

Drop a dime, don’t get slimed! Ghostbusters is back but in 4D! “Drop everything, Venkman. We got one.” That’s right, their back! This time, IGT is releasing the blockbuster Ghostbusters in 4D video slot format. Which means, the slimy ghosts look more real than ever. And you’ll meet them in a land-based casino around town in the next weeks or months. So, prepare your proton pack’s and start the hunt for ghosts and marshmallow man at a casino near you. But before you pack your gear, let us tell you a bit more about the new and innovative cabinet. Because, all and all, the technology that IGT used to develop this new game is more than impressive and will for sure make for a game you’ll want to try!Drop a dime, don't get slimed! Ghostbusters is back but in 4D!

Buckle up for an adventure

To sum up, Ghostbusters plays in the brand new CrystalCurve™ cabinet in TRUE 4D. The CrystalCurve™ is the next generation of the award-winning AXXIS® 3D Cabinet. So, you can expect the graphics to be so real that you’ll think you’re in the movie. Also know that IGT uses TRUE 3D technology, which means you won’t need glasses to get a real 3D experience! In fact, you can actually use your finger in mid-air to control the game. But that’s not all! Indeed, what would a Ghostbuster game be like if it wasn’t packed with technology like 50” Ultra HD portrait curved top display, and 32” Ultra HD 3D display? And believe it or not, the new cabinet comes with a customized seat! So you can not only adjust the audio but your seat too for a more comfortable session!

IGT paves the future of games

In the recent months, we’ve seen a lot of innovation coming from IGT. In fact, the studio seems to be focusing on 3D development primarily. And with its 12,000 employees spread out on the globe, and $2 billion in gross revenue a year. They sure have deep pockets and lots of resources when it comes to research and development. And yet IGT proves again that the company is here to stay and can still innovate after more than 70 years in business!