DraftKings is taking action against a hacker group!

As the summer starts wrapping up, the heat is still on for online sportsbooks. And yet for other reasons that you may think. Indeed, on August 7th DraftKings was the target of a hacker group. And even if the attack had little impacts for players DraftKings want to expose the group and they’re even taking the cybercriminals to court!DraftKings is taking action against a hacker group!

Revealing the attackers

In late Aug. DraftKings filed a complaint with the US District Court in Massachusetts. The complaint exposed the incident, but DraftKings is looking to publish the name of the attackers.

Furthermore, the company alleges there were at least 10 people involved in the attacks. Now they want their names released to the public. This is a call of action that many casinos and sportsbook alike can stand behind.

When you offer live sports, there can’t be any interruptions to give players the best experience possible. DraftKings said the first attack came on August 7th, but their security was able to stop the DDoS attack then.

In response to their first failed attempt, the next day the hacker group launched another attack. This time bringing 3X the average traffic to the site. The jam caused DraftKings to be off the air for 26 minutes. And now the fight is on!

What is DDoS

First, DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. This happens when many systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system. In this case, DraftKings was the target. Such attacks are often the result of compromised systems. Which, means flooding the targeted website with traffic. And this is precisely what we saw happen to DraftKings. And as a result, it knocked them offline for almost a half hour!

In conclusion, as these attacks are becoming more frequent, security must get tighter. Security experts are now searching for solutions that’ll prevent this from happening again. We will keep you updated as this story is currently developing and there will likely be action behind these words. Stay tuned!