DraftKings getting ready to change their strategy!

DraftKings getting ready to change their strategy! As you’re probably aware, everyone is waiting on the Supreme Court to reverse a Federal ban on sports betting. Of course, the clock is ticking as a verdict is due in June, and many companies like DraftKings cannot wait. Indeed, in a recent interview, DraftKing openly admitted that they’re anticipating a whole lot of new business. But also that the company is recruiting key staff to drive the new strategy.DraftKings getting ready to change their strategy!

DraftKings changing its gameplay.

Not surprisingly, fantasy-sports operator, DraftKings is embracing the impending decision. CEO and co-founder Jason Robins said that DraftKings had stayed away from sports betting in the past. They wanted to avoid any potential legal problems. Today, it is waiting for the verdict of the ongoing case. Legalising sports betting would be an enormous opportunity for the company.

In the meantime, DraftKings has hired Sean Hurley. His mission is to help build, launch and operate the company’s new sports betting department. The new Head of Sportsbook has promise. He has a wealth of gaming experience that could be beneficial for DraftKings.

A History of the Case.

To sum up, it’s worth knowing that the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), also known as the Bradley Act, and exist since 1992. In essence, this act forbids entities to sponsor, promote or authorize gambling on sports. Not only does this apply to professional sport but also amateur sports. In short, only Nevada, Montana, Delaware and Oregon are exempt from this Act.

New Jersey is leading the effort to overturn PASPA.

First, there was the Christie VS in NCAA case which refers to the same legislative changes. Then, the case was known as Murphy VS NCAA following Christie’s resignation. But all and all it’s the same case.

In short, both Governor claims that a ban goes against the 10th Amendment. The reversal of this ban would be a big business bonus, especially for racetracks and casinos. According to an April 2, 2018, CNN article, it amounts to 150 billion USD each year. Granted that everyone wants a piece of the action. Except that, Draftkings is the first company to hire a head to lead the sportsbooks efforts.