DraftKings and NHL are now partners

Ever since the daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform DraftKings launched in 2012, the growth goals have always been ambitious. Where they went from a single DFS provider to a complete sportsbook betting vertical within a few years. And now we learn that they are about to offer an even more immersing experience by becoming an official DFS and iGaming Partner of NHL. That’s right, sports fans; the king just became more accessible and widespread for the greater sports enthusiasts. But also, in the deal, the DraftKings will seek help from other prominent industry players to further expand its reach. And to complete the partnership, operations like Turner Sports and Bleacher Report are also included to deepen the engagement level for the end-user. So, on that note, let’s look at some statements and reveal some more detailed oriented information about the fantastic news. Read more about the DraftKings and NHL partnership.

DraftKings and NHL

DraftKings and NHL – DraftKings can use NHL assets

As with any deal of this size, there is much information to sift through and examine. Although, with the explosive spread of sports betting offerings. And not only in New Jersey but across eligible states in the US, drafting the paperwork for this type of collaboration is starting to be more or less routine. First, though, let’s see exactly what kind of inclusion NHL is offering the trio of well-established operations. Where released information tells us that DraftKings will get full access to such things as official NHL logos. Meaning, going forward from now on, the American DFS and sports betting operator can create themed sweepstakes, for instance. But also enhance and add richness to their promotions. All in all, and if we use a more straightforward meaning, better and more engaging NHL content for all its customers, simply put.

DraftKings and NHL – The duration of the deal

However, as far as the information we collected, the duration is not specified. All we know is the timeline shared by involved parties from a statement like. “As we embark on what promises to be a thrilling 2021-22 NHL season”. To get more precise, it said that the partnership would stretch across the regular season, all-star weekend, and throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs and, of course, the Final. But as far as a “multi-year” agreement goes, we perhaps only need to wait a bit and see.

The comments

Naturally, DraftKings found the time to wwwbolster the news with some forward-looking and official statements by adding in part. “NHL has some of the most passionate fans in all of sports. And we are happy to work with the league again”. But also commented on the intent and opportunity the partnership will bring. This by including.” developing a rich and engaging viewership and content experience that matches this fanbase’s enthusiasm”. Which was the comment when the collaboration with Turner Sports came upon the table. Moreover, with the arrangement in place. The DraftKings will make sure that they provide DFS content and, of course, sports betting information, which will get broadcasted via Turner Sports telecasts. Plus, via digital channels provided by Bleacher Report. And this includes the downloadable app the provider also has.

The meaning for the NHL fans

There will naturally be a heightened notice and presence of NHL on DraftKings operating Platforms. In essence, any fan of the NHL action will get more offers and tailor-made promotions to partake in via this deal. Plus, with the NHL onboard, it will further complete the sports betting vertical. This as you already find other major sports like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. And this is amongst other significant sporting events like MMA, PGA, and NASCAR, amongst much more. And let’s not forget that DraftKings also have coverage and betting opportunities on the rocket phenomenon, eSports as well.

DraftKings and NHL