Don’t waste your time waiting for the decision on Sports Betting

Don’t waste your time waiting for the decision on Sports Betting. It’s been now 3 months since Christie filled an appeal to the supreme court on Sports Betting. Indeed, if you remember last December everyone was hopeful that Sports Betting would soon be legal in NJ. More or less at the same time, a well-known casino announced the development of a $7 million sports bar project in AC. Even if all signs pointed to a favorable judgment on the Christie vs. NCAA case, it seems the judgment is still pending. But on a positive note, a judgment on another case that was due on the same day was reached just a few days ago. So the 3 months estimation everyone gave in December, still looks encouraging. But at this point, a date for the verdict would only be speculation.Don’t waste your time waiting for the decision on Sports Betting

So when can we expect a final verdict on Nj Sports Betting?

It’s true that frequently The Supreme Court tempts to rule in favors of appealed cases. However, given the complex nature of this case, it’s probable that the case will exceed the typical 3 months response time. But, we do know that the Supreme Court will respond with “something” by the beginning of summer 2018. The probable decision could mean a vote in favor or another appeal where The Court could
reargue the case.

Everyone is predicting but no one gets it right!

At this point, any news regarding sports betting in NJ is almost getting viral online. It seems that many are impatient to announce a verdict. It’s the case for Darren Rovell a business reporter for ESPN who commented on the delays. “The Supreme Court justices did not do what they needed to do. But really, it’s a fool’s errand to try to predict when a specific ruling will be reached.“ As always we’ll invite our readers to be patient. Rest assured the minute we hear any development on the Sports betting legislation we’ll share it with you.