Denver Broncos with a new Quarterback

The NFL Denver Broncos will enter the field this year and, hopefully, many to come with FanDuel as their official sports betting partner. And the newly inked agreement will not only benefit one side alone. In fact, the involved partners are most likely to benefit equally, coming from the opposite side of the spectrum. Meaning, they will get invaluable insight into the daily operations. Especially on how to tailor-make marketing and other promotional material. And this to reach out to its target audience in the best possible way. Plus, FanDuel is a multifaceted operator that holds a large part of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) offerings. The expectations going forward are huge. And we can’t wait to see what this partnership will bring. So, let’s see what the deal includes.Denver Broncos with a new Quarterback

Official use granted

Indeed, as part of the arrangement, FanDuel will get access to official logos, but also other Broncos material. This can then see usage both in the DFS and its online sports betting operation. But also give FanDuel the opportunity to promote its products at the stadium. And even in a direct approach via different media outlets like radio and TV. Filling in on the deal is Mike Raffensperger. Which is the chief marketing officer at FanDuel Group. Where he said things like. “Colorado is home to a passionate sports fan base and independent spirits.” Telling us that the collaboration is a match made in benefit for the fans of the Broncos. In particular, those who like to spice up the game with some DFS or sports betting.

On the same level

Moreover, it was not only FanDuel that expressed their excitement. Where Broncos chief commercial officer, Mac Freeman, said that. The operator is in line with the NFL team’s values and way to connect to its fans. Using wordings like “destination for sports fans” and “innovative thinking.” He rounded up the interview by pointing out that. He believed that the Broncos fans would enjoy FanDuel’s mobile sports betting. But also their DFS offerings. How the combination is welcomed in reality by the fans still remains. At least until the NFL season resumes its schedule.