Delay in passing a new bill to work in NJ Casino

Earlier this month, NJ state legislators decided to delay the passing of a new bill. The proposed legislation would allow people with certain drug offenses to get an employee casino license. Although the measure suffered from a minor setback, lawmakers are still hard at work trying to get it done. Instead, the Senate decided to pass an amendment to the bill. Which, will give more people the opportunity for a second chance. So on that note, let’s jump into it and find out what’s happening!

Cause of delay

The amendment to the bill will see that certain drug offenders can apply for a casino license in NJ. To qualify, one must complete a drug treatment program. This includes offenders who graduate from Mid-State Correctional Facility. Which, is a drug treatment program located in Wrightstown, NJ at Fort Dix. As of now, these certain offenders aren’t eligible for a casino employee license. And this is due to the current regulations that are in effect at the moment. But the amendment to the bill could see things change, and why wouldn’t they! The city is changing, and so are the people!hard rock casino

Moving forward

Senator Chris Brown (R) said, “This new bill will give people a second chance to work.” This is in response to the opioid crisis that is spreading across the state. The Senator’s idea came from a conversation with Joe Jingoli, a South Jersey developer. Which, is the developer who transformed the old Trump Taj Mahal in AC into the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

As the Senator puts it, Jingoli’s interested in hiring low-level drug offenders and giving them a second chance. Thereafter, the senator decided to introduce the new bill. As a result, Jeff Van-Drew, an AC Democrat also joined Brown in sponsoring the bill, which made it easy to pass. And this is what folks in NJ like to see. Good old fashion bipartisan agreements!