Craig Carton to spread the Responsible Gambling word for FanDuel

Craig Carton’s story sure made the headlines after the talk show host spent a bit of time in prison for running a fake ticket scam. And in a certain way, what the WFAN 101.9 FM radio host has overcome is just 1 story out of many. Indeed, no one is in a better position to understand the impact of gambling addiction. After all, this is what got him in hot water a few years ago. Read more about Craig Carton and his FanDuel responsible gambling partnership.

But now, the New Yorker couldn’t be more proud to have landed on his feet. And he’s stronger than ever since FanDuel picked him as their ambassador to spread the word about responsible play.

Gambling addiction is a challenge that around 1% of the American population is struggling with. However, recently, the national center for responsible gambling estimated that approximately 6 to 9% of young folks and young adults have gambling-related problems.

Craig Carton Responsible Gambling

Craig Carton Responsible Gambling – A personal tragedy that folks can relate to

Carton is first to say that his tragedy is “well documented.” But now that FanDuel is giving him a podium to spread the message about playing responsibly. He’ll focus predominantly on 3 key areas.

For him making sure that people know the risks around playing games of chances is paramount. Hence advocacy will be his main area of focus. So it’s likely we’ll see a few responsible gambling campaigns go live featuring the ex-blackjack addict.

Next, he’ll focus on prevention and awareness. In fact, FanDuel’s announcement even confirms that Carton will develop content that’ll highlight the importance of playing within your limits.

When accepting the role as responsible gambling ambassador Carton hinted that he and FanDuel share the same goal of “protecting people.” And in a press release, he said being ecstatic to have found a company that “shared my passion for this issue.”

Why do online casinos and daily fantasy sports operators promote responsible gambling?

As we’ve only turned the page on responsible gambling week in America, one might wonder why companies such as FanDuel invest so much into problem gambling awareness? Sure the skeptics would say it’s just to maintain appearances, but that’s wrong.

Over the years, FanDuel/Flutter has been the voice of safe gambling all over the world. So for this company, it makes sense to ensure its you know your limits. After all, it is more than the company’s good name that’s at risk when they don’t.

Indeed, problem gamblers put an immense weight on customer service staff. This is because they continually require special treatment and casino bonuses. Not to mention they can sometimes cause extra costs to the company in the form of chargebacks. So, it only makes sense for FanDuel to protect itself from problem gamblers. Plus, it means growing the company sustainably when they do.

Everyone wins when they play within their limits – here are some tools to help

Did you know that FanDuel has tools at your disposal to help you stay on top of your online gambling spending? And judging by how many customizable settings they offer, like deposit/time limits, contest entry alert, maximum entry fee limit, wager limit, and maximum wager size. Everyone will find an easy way to stay on top of their game and budget.

FanDuel also complies with different state requirements. So they not only have pre-set maximum deposit limits for Massachusetts, Maryland, and Tennessee residents. But folks in the garden state can visit FanDuel’s responsible play section to self exclude themselves or request a time out. So the next time you visit their site, take a look there because knowing how you could manage your account could help you ensure gambling is always fun.

Craig Carton Responsible Gambling