Could machines replace human dealers in offline casinos?

Could machines replace human dealers in offline casinos? In a world where everything we do focuses on productivity. The technology helps us making everything more efficient. In fact, a day without technology is almost inconceivable. Because everything we do, work or fun, involves some form of gadget. Granted, that we don’t live in the future filled with hoverboards and bicentennials men yet. But still… Maybe that future isn’t as far as you think.igt

Is technology in land-based casinos the way forward?

It’s a valid question, right? Especially since we’ve seen game developers like IGT modernizing land-based games. Indeed, if you’ve been following the headlines, you already know that IGT and HTC have teamed up to create VR cabinets. Moreover, they recently released a digital version of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. This latest technological advancement means more hands dealt per hour. Which of course results in more bets taken per hour and more profits for the casinos. And that could be appealing to some establishment.

Indeed, in a recent press release, IGT admitted that the new digital games increase productivity by 7x. Know that a real dealer takes on average 245 bets an hour. Which is much lower than the digital version which takes 1,800 bets an hour.

Machines VS. Humans.

The latest technological advancement implies that digital terminals would indeed be more cost-effective. So perhaps brick and mortar casinos will opt to offer a digital version and a Live Dealer versions of all their games as it’s the case in online casinos. It seems like it could be a natural transition. But all and all, we’re many years away from having robots as live dealers. Even if there’s a couple of prototypes currently in development in Asia. Sure it’s exciting, and maybe at some point, a big land-based brand may offer a robot table. But, it’s likely it’ll be more an exclusive feature as opposed to a norm since we all love to chat with the dealers.

To conclude.

Now, what’s exciting is that we hear a lot of noise around VR these days. Granted that it’s mainly for slots, but could you imagine if the VR technology was applied to table games? Its potential would be limitless! Especially if you could pick who’s sitting at your table and who’s dealing the cards…