Could Atlantic City Rail Line Boost Atlantic City revenue?

Following its, eight months shut down to install train control safety equipment. And also to service the busier North Jersey line, the NJ transit return to Atlantic City. The line has been running for a while now. In fact, it returned to operation in the middle of May and after all the necessary testing ended. All and all, the much needed clean up and updates should make it easier for workers and tourists to visit the City. At least that’s what everyone hopes for. But it’s not all good news for the casino workforce in Atlantic City living in Philadelphia.

The Bad news

When conducting a report on the train on schedule. It became clear that some trains were missing in one direction.Could Atlantic City Rail Line Boost Atlantic City revenue?
Now, for those of you who are traveling from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, you’ve got plenty of options with an early train leaving 6:17 AM. This train is followed up with an additional 11 more departures that are around 1 hour and 30 minutes apart, with the last train leaving at 12:50 PM.

However, going the other direction proves to be a bit more difficult, especially if you work in Atlantic City. And this is primarily because the old 5:45 PM train was replaced with a 4:55 PM. And so, this only leaves the 6:45 PM train for those who work 9 to 5 and who wants to go back home. So it’s not feasible for any casino work era to utilize this service.

But Change is coming

Eliminating certain departure times might have been a premature decision. The truth is, Atlantic City is building up its workforce with its latest boom, they should expand instead of shrink, right?

But, according to sources, at least two more trains will add to the time table. But for now, only Atlantic City Rail Line knows when they’ll go in effect. Fingers crossed it’ll be before winter.