Cloudy with a Chance of Money Rain

Golden Nugget loves to launch new games! And this week they’re inviting you to shower yourself with Money! Indeed, this new slot not only has a good max win of $200,000. But it also has impressive technology behind it. In fact, this game offers 25,000 ways to win and give you full control of how many Free Spins you’d like to play. But wait, there’s more. In fact, on every spin you do, you have a chance to reveal hidden symbols with the Money reel feature.

All in all, get ready for an extravaganza of features and flying dollar bills if you play this exclusive Golden Nugget slot!Money Rain

What are the bonus features in Money Rain?

Money Rain has 3 features. The first one is the money reel. When you hit a dollar symbol on the game grid, the money reel starts spinning to reveal what the dollar bill symbol replacement will be. Second, you can choose your play style between 3 different modes. The different modes all have different bet values, and they are Good, Better, and Best. Know that if you play with the Best mode, you’ll win 8 Free Spins more when you trigger the bonus.

The final feature is, of course, the Free Spins. Hitting 3 or more Scatters in the shape of Clouds will activate the bonus. The number of Free Spins you play depends on the numbers of Scatters that landed in view. But know that you can win up to 58 Free Spins before the bonus start depending on the game mode you play with.

To conclude

When we tested this game, we won very frequently! Whether it was with the Money Reel spinning or by making winning combinations. So, all in all, Money Rain is a good slot with solid foundations, and you should try it at Golden Nugget casino today!