Classic Video Poker finds a home online at Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget in New Jersey has revived classic video poker game and has given it a home online. That’s right, Destiny Poker may be a blast from the past, but it’s back and now available for online casino players.

Indeed, we know it’s not as popular as Live Dealer, but this bold move to revive Destiny Poker is a statement of what is to come. Although right now the new release of the classic is in the trial stage. Still this means Golden Nugget would like to see how players embrace the retro video poker game. If it does well, then it’s possible we will see more to come. Also, since only Golden Nugget offers it, if it does well, then we could see other casinos offer it too.Classic Video Poker finds a home online at Golden Nugget

Play the past to win big

We understand that the game is pushing 40 years old, but it’s still paying out top dollars! As of now, a lucky hand can win you a hundred grand! Even though, you can still bet a penny a hand! Or you can go bold and bet $150 a hand for a chance to win six figures! The game has a wide betting range suitable for any budget, and this feature alone sets the tone. So hop on board the gravy train and take a trip back for a shot at a jackpot that could change your future!

Make or Break

As retro video poker games faded out several years ago, the return could be a hit or a miss! It’s unfortunate because these old school games are actually a lot of fun!

And, you can still win a lot of money playing them. So if you’re familiar with the game, then that means you got some experience under your belt!

To conclude, as of now, the game is exclusive on Golden Nugget and available for 30 days from its August 23 launch. If it does well, we could potentially see more classics games come our way. This could start a completely new category to select games from! And yet, if the game doesn’t do well, then it’s back to the boneyard. Only time will tell, this is destiny and Destiny Poker for you!