Christie To Trump: Don’t Ban Online Gambling In New Jersey

On Jul 21, Christie sent a clear message to Trump by signing a resolution. The resolution asks the Trump administration to not pursue a federal ban on gambling.

This signature opposes the recent measures proposed to the congress. Indeed, the Trump administration wants to prohibit any online wager. If this proposition pass all internet gambling would stop in the USA. Some say that a federal ban is a direct violation of the 10th Amendment. This is because the Constitution says that gambling legislation is the responsibility of each state. But, the Constitution is over 224 years old. So, it only refers to land based gambling. Which means that online gambling is in a grey zone.Christie To Trump: Don’t Ban Online Gambling In New Jersey

Christie’s message to Trump was clear. The federal needs to stay out of New Jersey’s businesses! As we all know, the industry has had many benefits since its legalization. So, Christie wants to protect it.

Will Trump hear the message?

The Trump administration has not responded yet. But one thing is certain, the $100 millions the industry generated in tax is difficult to ignore. Perhaps the federal government is also looking to get a share of the action. One could assume that a federal ban is just a negotiation tactic with the goal to increase the operator’s tax.

Additionally, the Trump administration has also made the headline when stating they were looking for 5 billion to increase the border security. Many people have said that an additional tax on online gaming could bring a solution. Trump himself has never been opposed to getting a share of gambling money since he has a hotel in Las Vegas.

At the moment, the current negotiations have no impact on NJ legal status. Which means that it is still legal for any resident to join an online casino and claim any casino bonuses. Why wait! Have fun online it’s legal!