Chris Christie Inducted into the US Sports Betting Hall of Fame

The former Governor Chris Christie definitely deserves recognition in the fight that ended a federal ban against US sports betting. Not to mention, he’s a pioneer in the sports gambling sector. After leading a seven-year political battle to overturn PASPA, the US Supreme Court finally ended the prohibition in May 2018. So hate him or love him, without Christie’s leadership, we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom to bet on sports. In fact, now all states have the right to legalize sports betting if its residents wish for it. Therefore, Christie deserves this induction; he fought hard for it and won!

Christie’s Big Ceremony

Chris Christie Inducted into the US Sports Betting Hall of FameOn April 25th, 2019 at the Sky Room in NYC, Christie’s induction into the sports betting hall of fame will take place. According to him, “Unfair federal laws held back sports betting for too long. So, I had no problem being the first to take a stand against them. To receive recognition from the sports betting industry makes me feel very proud.”

This is the third annual hall of fame, and only those who significantly contributed to the industry will receive recognition. So by all means, this is Christie’s big day! After bringing sports betting back to the table in the US, it will generate billions of dollars in the coming years! Also, it created thousands of new jobs and revved up struggling local economies.

Bringing it back to the Garden State

Also, on April 23rd to 25th, the Betting on Sports America conference will be going down across the river at the Meadowlands Expo Center. The event is the largest conference for sports betting in the country. So make sure you catch that if you plan on being in the area when Christie’s name goes down in the history books. Indeed, this is going to be the best networking and business opportunity you’ve ever experienced!