Casinos in Atlantic City slow down as winter approaches

As temperatures plummet into the low 30’s at night, it’s a clear sign that Atlantic City’s winter season has arrived. With that said, employment in the city tends to drop at the same time. But, no need to panic, it’s expected. With that in mind, this year might be different than others.

Yes, temporary layoffs are normal, but online casinos are experiencing a boom right now! Not to mention, most operators in the city offer a mobile sports betting app. So, as the winter peaks in Atlantic City so does the NFL, NBA, & NHL seasons. On that note, revenue reports for these months are going to look much different than other years. With that said, let’s examine the facts.

Understanding the winter season in AC

One thing is certain, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) keep records for everything. And according to them, employment started declining in September when compared to July’s totals. In fact, AC casinos employed 30,217 people during the summer peak in July. Although by September, that number slid down to 28,859, marking a 4.5% decline. Once further reports are released, then we’ll be able to examine October more in-depth.

Also, keep in mind that Hard Rock & Oceans Resorts didn’t open up until late June. Taking that into consideration, it usually takes a casino about a year after opening to stabilize employment size. So the slight dip in employment for this time is business as usual in Atlantic City. Rummy Pandit, Executive Director of Hospitality and Tourism at Stockton University said, “The winter season has arrived. With that said, we expect a reduction in employment.”

William Hill CasinosA New Winter Season In AC

As we mentioned above, it’s a new year in Atlantic City and revenue reports will soon reflect that fact. Since the explosion of online casino and online sports betting this year, winter reports are going to look good compared to last year.

After all, there are now seven sportsbooks in Atlantic City. Not to mention, William Hill operates a book at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, NJ. Also, Fan Duel has a book at the Meadowlands. Which, is a prime location considering their facility is right outside New York City.

So in conclusion, layoffs are normal for this time of the year, and sports betting will fill that void. All in all, it looks like we’re going to have a great winter this year in New Jersey!