Casino revenue in Atlantic City spikes in November

According to new reports released by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), casino business is up in Atlantic City! In fact, it was up more than 20% in November Year on Year (YOY). Also, November marked the third straight month where AC saw growth in the casino sector. And from the looks of things, It’s only getting better. After all, online casino games in New Jersey are the talk of the country!

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Not to mention, legal sports betting in the state is set to surpass Nevada by next year! But let’s not forget that the Esports industry is in the process of establishing a home base in Atlantic City. So it goes to show, this is only the beginning with a lot of years ahead of us!

November Casino Report

Figures show in the report released last Wednesday; revenue jumped from $206.4 Million in November 2017 to $247.65 Million in 2018! In other words, that’s $41.25 Million difference compared to last November!

As a whole, Atlantic City casinos saw a 6.5% increase within the same timeframe. In fact, revenue was up from $2.45 Billion to $2.6 Billion! So there’s no doubt about it, every month Atlantic City sets the bar higher and higher!

Online Casino and Sports Betting Dominate In November

The truth is, Atlantic City is becoming the resort destination on the East Coast. Not to mention, the sports betting capital of the US. And on top of all that, nobody offers online casino games like New Jersey! With that said, let’s confirm that with a fact!

As of Nov. internet gaming was up 30.7% YOY. After doing the math on that, it equals up to a $26.9 Million increase in revenue! Additionally, Sports betting generated $11.5 Million last month. However, sportsbooks took in more than $330 Million in wagers! Now let that sink in for a minute as you try to imagine how much money that is in terms of wins!