Casino employment in Atlantic City drops again

Recent figures show that Atlantic City’s 9 casinos employ about 17.5% fewer people than in September 2019. This is, in no short part, due to how the health pandemic has affected the industry.

When looking at figures as a whole, this is the third month in a row where the number of casino workers dropped compared to the previous year. Yet, it indicates a trend that began last summer and only came to a shortstop when Coronavirus caused them to shut for 3.5 months.

In September 2020, the 9 Atlantic Casinos reported over 22,500 jobs. This is around 150 more than its August numbers. Yet, in comparison to last year, it’s a drop of 4,782. So, approximately 17.5%.Casino employment in Atlantic City drops again

A steady fall

All and all, the number of jobs in Atlantic City’s casinos have declined since June 2019. This was the last month that they reported job increases. In that month, they employed over 29,000 people.

The President of the Casino Association of New Jersey, Steve Callender, thinks that the main reason is the lack of traditional business. And, of course, the 25% drop in capacity. As such, he said that right now, they need to offer players an even better experience. Plus, operators need to get creative. So, he’s now considering ideas like 50% indoor dining and holding meetings and gatherings in large areas such as casino ballrooms and banquet halls.

Other roles

Another factor they highlighted was the number of ‘other’ roles they listed. These were neither full-time nor part-time. Overall, there were 4,800 of these, which could represent seasonal or temporary employees. All and all, each casino reported an employment decrease. And the Borgata casino leads the pack reporting a big drop from 5,641 in 2019 to 3,282 this year. This is a tough time for the industry. But hopefully, the numbers will start to turn around soon. Surely the promised vaccine by the end of 2020 will help.