Canadians to ban American Casinos!

The latest statement by the Trump administrations makes Canada see red! Indeed, President Trump called Canada’s beloved Trudeau “weak” and this caused a storm! In fact, the Canadian movement to ban all American products has grown a lot recently. In essence, the movement demands Trump to leave office or to “say sorry” to Trudeau in true Canadian style!

Like it or not, Americans depend on Canada’s tourism to keep the job market going. It’s simple maths, no money coming in, unemployment goes up, and revenue plummets.

It sure seems that time has come for the current administration to turn down the insults! Well, that is if they want to keep one of their closest neighbors happy. And to drive the 32 million Canadians into Atlantic city to spend their money this summer!Canadians to ban American Casinos!

Good neighbour pays off

Every year Canadians spend around a billion dollar in the US. Although, we don’t have an exact figure on how much money is going into gambling. But, we know that over 1 million Canadians visit Vegas every year. And this results in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Now, how will this affect the re-birth of Atlantic City?

We know that Canadians are not afraid to travel long distances to go on holiday. And, shortening the travel time by 4 hours if going to Atlantic City instead of Vegas is appealing! And the insults on Trudeau could have a huge impact on the gambling tourism in NJ. Not to mention that the shores beaches are likely to see fewer Canadians this summer.

Well, that is if Canada goes full-on boycott on the USA.

Tourism not the only loser

Yes, the relationship between Canada and the USA is tense! And this has much to do with the recent import tax on Canadian aluminium and steel!

But, let’s hope this all gets sorted! Canada and the United-States are long friends so, it’s likely things will resolve. But, Canada will have to swallow its pride as an apology from the President seems unlikely.