Can online casinos NJ catch-up with the Golden Nugget revenues?

As you’re aware, February’s numbers were fantastic for the Golden Nugget casino. And, to be frank, we’re expecting similar figures in a couple of weeks when the NJ Division of Gaming released their March report. It’s all excellent news for the Golden Nugget who’s dominating month after month. But it leads us to ask ourselves, can anyone catch up with the Golden Nugget?

In short, the answer is yes! But they need to wake up now. Otherwise, it will be too late very soon…

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Skins skins skins!

One of the key reasons why the Golden Nugget is doing so well is it’s skin, Betfair and PlaySugar House Casino. If other online casinos want to catch up with the Golden Nugget, they’d be wise to reach out to other well-known brands. Not only to piggyback on their reputations but also to increase their bottom line. Also, if we had to speculate we’d say that the skins demands is somehow pushing the Golden Nugget to learn from its partners experience. As it’s the case for Betfair Casino, who’s not only a veteran of the industry but also a European Giant.Can online casinos NJ catch-up with the Golden Nugget revenues?

Innovation is key!

Golden Nugget was the first casino to offer live dealer games like blackjack and roulette. Not only this but they offer more games to players than anywhere else. Apparently, it seems the team is willing to take risks where others aren’t. So, if other online casinos want to challenge the Golden Nugget they’ll have to think outside of the box to stand-out! Perhaps the Hard Rock will do that, who knows?

More competitive offers over several days!

Currently, the Golden Nugget is the only online casino who challenges players! Indeed, they’re inviting players to enter weekly missions and try the game of the week. Of course, there are other promos like special days where players can earn double the loyalty points. That alone makes this casino standout.

So, if other casinos are looking to engage their players, they have to think in long terms and focus on players retention. Which will lead to an overall increase in gaming revenue, so we think.