Caesars on the right track with eSports

Without a doubt, after reading this news, you’ll undoubtedly agree with us that Caesars and Bally are on the right track with their investment in eSports. Indeed, as it seems eSports might well be the next big thing when it comes to online gambling in the Garden State.

Granted, that not everyone is as talented as Shane Cotton. But in the end, to win on eSport, you only need to predict the winner of a tournament. And don’t need to know the game as well as the 16-year old teenager from Torrance.

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Shane Cotton and his pursuit for happiness

Some of you may not be familiar with Shane Cotton. Even if the teen made the headlines by securing a very bright future for himself after competing in the Fortnight World Cup 2019.

According to his mother, Shane’s pursuit for happiness started after playing the multiplayer online game, Club Penguin. Essentially, the game sparked an interest in computers, and it even drove the teen and his brother to build their own. Then in 2017, Shane discovered Fortnite, and never looked back.

New Jersey helped him to win $1.2 Million new jersey Caesars on the right track with eSports

Just a week before 2 Million folks watched the World Cup. Cotton went from amateur to pro by signing a 2-year contract with N.R.G. After that, Cotton decided to fine-tune his technique at the Helix eSports Center in New Jersey. And N.R.G. floated the bill, of course. We’re not sure what he worked on exactly. But surely, it played a big part in is mega win of $1.2 Million.

After securing his 3rd place, Cotton A.K.A. Epikwhale was over the moon with his performance and said. “I like things that I’m good at, and I’ve always been good at every game I’ve played.”

Now, let’s see if Epikwhale will demonstrate his ability at the Fortnite Solo tournament on August 16th in New Jersey. Or perhaps he’ll prefer to show-up at the Ultimate Gaming Championship on September 6-8th at Bally in Atlantic City where the prizepool is significantly larger.