Caesars let top executive go

In recent news, we’ve learned that Caesars has let go Kevin Ortzman. The man in question served as regional president of, Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s Resort since 2017. Indeed, the top executive got the golden handshake after an employee filed a claim for wrongful dismissal. She said to the press that Ortzman sacked her because she had reported him to the senior management. But let’s dig a bit deeper into those allegations. This way, we can understand the situation at hand.

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Caesars let top executive go

The Wrong Side of a Lawsuit

It seems that Caesars had no choice but to let the man who served the brand for 2 years go. Indeed, a lawsuit named him directly. A lawsuit that Regional Vice President of Marketing, Jocelyn Agnellini Allison filed. She claimed that as a result of reporting his bad behaviour to senior management things escalated in a horrible way for her.

According to her, Mr. Ortzman “made out” with an employee at a 2017 work function in a way that made others uncomfortable. After the complaint, he made her life difficult, ending with him firing her in 2019. All and all, the lady in question worked for Caesars for 21 years before this incident. She claimed that he gave her no reason for the dismissal. And so, she believes it was a result of the earlier complaint.

Caesars Deny the Allegations

Now, Caesars has denied the allegations. It seems that Jocelyn was not dismissed as a direct result of the confrontation. And the company concluded this after an internal investigation. However, the lawsuit did impact Ortzman since the company decided to let him go as well. For now, the court has not ruled in anyone’s favor yet. What’s more, is that since the event took place pre Eldorado merger. It’s still unclear who’ll compensate the plaintiff if the company is at fault.