Caesars Entertainment to bring another sportsbook to market

Being a veteran of the gambling industry certainly helps Caesars to see opportunities where others don’t. A great example of this is the new deal between the massive corporation and a rising star of the betting world, fuboTV. Sure, fuboTV may have had a challenging year where they lost $570.5 million. Yet, Caesars sees a great future with them as they’ve recently agreed on a new partnership for several states. Consequently, Caesars will take the necessary steps to add another licensee to their New Jersey gaming license. This time, the company hopes to continue its growth by offering fubo Sportsbook to New Jersey patrons in the last quarter of 2021. Of course, this is pending approval from the DGE, which shouldn’t be too hard. Suppose the DGE gave Caesars and fuboTV the green light. It would drastically help the streaming television services to make their mark on the Garden State.Caesars Entertainment to bring another sportsbook to market

March 23rd an important day for Caesars Entertainment

While the agreement above is unique because it shows how much future Caesars sees in online gambling. It’s worth noting that today March 23rd is an even bigger day for the company, as we understand. Indeed, Caesars may have just turned the page on their Eldorado Resorts merger. However, today is the final day (in their plan) to get the necessary approval to complete William Hill’s buyout. If this takeover receives a thumbs-up, the American giant’s transaction should be final on April 1st. This may also mean that Caesars would have a stake in Ocean Casino Resort sportsbook since it operates under William Hill’s umbrella.

But one question remains. What would happen to Bally’s new sportsbook? It operates under FanDuel’s name. And because Caesars owns it, they may opt to brand it in William Hill’s image. Of course, this would be logical, although highly speculative. Yet, only time will tell…