Caesars and SG are ready to conquer!

It’s official Scientific Games (SG), and Caesars’ have partnered up. In the agreement, SG is to take the lead on powering Caesars sites with their OpenBet platform (OBP) in New Jersey. As a leading provider in the industry, it puts SG in a unique position to help Caesars realize their vision of a US sports bet expansion.

Additionally, SG will fuel not only the Caesars’ Atlantic City side of things. In fact, the deal also includes the Tunica and Gulf Coast properties.Caesars and SG are ready to conquer!

What are SG’s thoughts on this partnership?

First of all, they’re honored and very excited to take on Caesars as a client. In fact, SG believes that together they will bring a new era to the U.S sports bet market. And with their flexible end-to-end solution. SG has a firm belief that they will help Caesars capitalize on their future expansion. What’s more is that this deal also includes all operating platforms and added regulated markets that might come in the near future too.

What is OBP capable of

The OBP has a proven history that can endure the hardest of traffic and challenges. The platform takes over 2 billion online bets every year. Now, this puts SG in a good position, as all operators see a clear benefit of having a sturdy platform when time demands it.

Let’s put this in actual numbers. In the Soccer World Cup 2018, the OBP processed over 177 Million bets in the UK alone. And, during a single match accepted over 4.4 Million bets. Where one of their top-tier operators saw a massive peak of 18,000 BPM (bets per minute) with no issues reported!

So, Caesars’ sports bet players are in for a strong, seamless, safe and most importantly a reliable platform to place their bets on. Caesars did not confirm the official launch date of their new Sports Site. But stay tuned, we’ll let you know once it goes live!