Caesars aims for a 50/50 gender split by 2025

Recently Caesars new CEO, Tony Rodio, alongside top management met up to discuss a hot topic. Indeed, Caesars senior management gathered to talk about their goals for gender equity. The discussion covered several topics including training, recruitment, external and in-house talents. And many agreed that to achieve long-term success, gender equality is key. So, to achieve their objective, they agree to use cutting edge technology to point areas in trouble. But also to find a solution for areas where one gender is dominant.

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Spotting the problem is half the battle

Anyone reading the news hasn’t missed the topic of equality nowadays. But, what most people fail to acknowledge is that equality is not a question of women versus men. In fact, it also involves minority groups, people with disabilities, or special needs. And here is where Caesars excels and lead the way for other companies to follow.

Caesars aims for a 50/50 gender split by 2025According to them, their workforce is made up from 60% minority group. They also got a perfect score from the Human Rights Corporate Equality Index 11 years in a row. Plus, they’ve met or surpassed the obligations for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Which puts Caesars at the forefront of the topic.

Right to the point

At the event, Jan J. Blackhurst, VP at Caesars, shared her excitement about the future. “I want Caesars to be the first company to make it happen. We’re the best operator, the most in touch, if anyone can do it, it’s us.”

And many will agree with Jones. Caesars sure has the capacity and drive to make it happen. But what’s more, the sheer size of Caesars makes them an influencer for the rest of the industry. And now that they’re part of Eldorado. Well, it seems that equality could indeed reach new heights for the American giant. Way to go Caesars.